Nature's Mist All Natural Skin Moisture

This product comes from a company founded by two decades of research into the global water, dry air, and health crisis.  They were deeply concerned about the lack of products that provided supplemental and beneficial water directly to dry skin and eyes.  Their investigation into the moisture requirements and absorption processes of human skin, eyes and mouth, and breakthrough findings in hydrotherapy and mist-dosing technology, resulted in one of the only personal, portable hand-held water supplementation devices for skin, eyes, and first aid.  

To thrive skin requires daily attention, nourishment, a clean environment, and water....natural, pure and pH-correct.  The planet has been undergoing a crisis in clean, pure water, and fresh humid air.  The result is an increase in dry skin related illnesses such as dermatitis and skin cancer.  Lotions, cremes, and oils can slow water evaporation from the skin but will not solve the problem.   Most natural water is alkaline (pH above 7.0)  and when applied to the skin's surface will not beneficially absorb and can be drying due to calcium and sodium in the water.  This product is 6.49 pH so its a little bit acidic similar to skin which is 5.5 to 6.5.  This allows for deeper absorption and hydration.  You can use all your regular skin products with Nature's mist.  

Skin obtains water from two sources, the external surface and the blood capillaries in the skin's bottom layers.  For external absorption to occur water droplets in the air must be clean, pH-correct (5.5 to 6.5) and free of dehydrating substances such as chlorine, pollutants and alkalinity.  

The benefits of misting:  According to the research, for maximum deep and beneficial absorption, water applied to the skin surface must be pure and pollution free, have a slightly acidic pH (5.5 to 6.5) and be applied as a fine mist like the humidity in the air.  The mist droplets attach to the skin's fine hair shafts, penetrate the acid mantle and enter the deep layers of the skin via hair follicles.  

Understanding pH.  It is the mathematical symbol for acidity/alkalinity.  A pH of 7.00 is neutral, a pH greater than 7 is alkaline and a pH below 7 is acidic.  Your skin's natural pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is slightly acidic.  

Nature's Mist relaxes the appearance of skin aging and restores suppleness, natural color and thickness.  For dryness related problems such as acne, chapping, or dermatitis, Nature's mist benefits both skin health and it is believed the effectiveness of topical medications.

Nature's mist enhances all other skin care products and rejuvenates the color of faded makeup all day long. Customers report that Nature's mist not only increases the skins resistance to sunburn, windburn,  chapping, poison oak, and poison ivy, but the mist helps speed healing.  

Skin diseases (allergies, dermatitis, acne, dry skin, oily skin) may also benefit from Nature's mist.   Many Nature's mist customers report that misting improves their skins health and appearance and that the severity of certain skin allergies and diseases are decreased.  This includes poison ivy and poison oak.  

Emergency first aid.  During an emergency or first aid situation Natures mist is indispensable to protect skin resistance and vision and maintain alertness and mobility. Hazards include smoke, dust, pollution, chemicals, exhaust fumes, particles in the eye, pepper spray, etc.  

All Bio Logic Aqua products may be used an an emergency eyewash and as a wash for burns, lesions and irritating chemicals. Natures mist can help keep both skin and makeup fresh and radiant.  Natures mist has been reported to lessen the severity of sunburn and skin damage.

 Dark skin is usually more oily than light skin and skin oil tends to drive out skin water, often resulting in the dry skin condition known as "ash"  Natures mist helps restores the skins natural oil to water balance.

Post surgical use by one patient of natures mist on an incision after open heart surgery.  This was the only thing put on after the bandages were removed.  He reported that healing was rapid and with no infection and a very small scar.  

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