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Amblyopia "lazy eye"

Commonly referred to as "lazy eye", amblyopia is a loss of vision in one or both eyes.   Amblyopia is caused by an abnormality which interferes with the normal use of the eyes and visual development.  Commonly, amblyopia is caused by strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are misaligned....

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Nature's Mist All Natural Skin Moisture

This product comes from a company founded by two decades of research into the global water, dry air, and health crisis.  They were deeply concerned about the lack of products that provided supplemental and beneficial water directly to dry skin and eyes.  Their investigation into the moisture requirements and absorption...

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The problem may be your EYELIDS not your EYES

The product featured here today is Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray.  This is a cool, refreshing spray that is misted directly to the eyelids with the eyes closed, providing comfort to dry irritated eyelids. This spray lubricates and protects the eyes against moisture loss. Liposomes are microscopic molecules that have...

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El estrabismo es un defecto de la vision que afecta la capacidad del ojo para coordinar movimientos al concentrarse en objetos.  Como brindan dos vistas asimetricas, un par de ojos mal alineados ocasionan una percepción deficiente de la profundidad y si relacionan con trastornos como los ojos cruzados, la bizquera,...

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Our newest product "SILICONE NON-SLIP GLASSES GRIPS" for keeping loose glasses fro slipping down your nose.
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  • We are always looking to add new and needed products to our catalog.  Special requests are always accepted.