Children's Eyes and Vision

Every experience a child has is an opportunity for them to grow and develop. Pre-schoolers use their vision to guide other learning experiences. From ages 2 to 5, a child will be fine-tuning the visual abilities gained during infancy and developing new ones.

Stacking building blocks, rolling a ball back and forth, coloring, drawing, cutting, or assembling lock-together toys all help improve important visual skills. They are developing the visually-guided eye-hand-body coordination, fine motor skills and visual perceptual abilities necessary to learn to read and write.

Steps taken at this age to help ensure vision is developing normally can provide a child with a good "head start" for school.

This is also the time when parents need to be alert for the presence of vision problems like crossed eyes or lazy eye. These conditions often develop at this age. Crossed eyes or strabismus involves one or both eyes turning inward or outward. Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is a lack of clear vision in one eye, which can't be fully corrected with eyeglasses. Lazy eye often develops as a result of crossed eyes, but may occur without noticeable signs.

In addition, parents should watch their child for indication of any delays in development, which may signal the presence of a vision problem. Difficulty with recognition of colors, shapes, letters and numbers can occur if there is a vision problem.

Signs of Eye and Vision Problems

According to the American Public Health Association, about 10% of preschoolers have eye or vision problems. However, children this age generally will not voice complaints about their eyes.

Parents should watch for signs that may indicate a vision problem, including:

Sitting close to the TV or holding a book too close
Tilting their head
Frequently rubbing their eyes
Short attention span for the child's age
Turning of an eye in or out
Sensitivity to light
Difficulty with eye-hand-body coordination when playing ball or bike riding
Avoiding coloring activities, puzzles and other detailed activities
If you notice any of these signs in your preschooler, arrange for a visit with an eyecare professional.  Your pediatrician can refer you to an eye doctor.

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dry eyes

Living in Las Vegas almost everyone has some dryness concerns...symptoms can include blurry vision...irritated/scratchy...redness...fatigue...sandy feeling...light sensitivity.....moisture drops can relieve symptoms...Nature's mist lubricating eye spray is an option to using is not a chemical eye drop.  The eye mist contains 100 percent Bio-logic Aqua tissue culture grade water.  All natural ph balanced and biocompatible with the natural tear film.  It may be applied as often as desired for relief..Nature's mist may be used with all other eyecare products..will not run cosmetics...can be used with contact lenses...Preservative and chemical free- sterile...nonallergenic.  You may go online to purchase with us..
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Amblyopia "lazy eye"

Commonly referred to as "lazy eye", amblyopia is a loss of vision in one or both eyes.  

Amblyopia is caused by an abnormality which interferes with the normal use of the eyes and visual development.  Commonly, amblyopia is caused by strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are misaligned.  With strabismus, often referred to as "cross eyes", the eyes do not work together and one or both eyes turn in, out, up or down.  

Amblyopia can also be caused by vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  When there is large difference in visual acuity between the eyes, both eyes do not have equal focusing ability.  One eye is out of focus because of a stronger degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.  Therefore, this weaker eye does not develop properly.  The eye with the better visual ability does most or all of the visual work, allowing the other eye to become lazy or amblyopic.

More rarely, amblyopia is caused by an eye disease, such as cataracts, which interferes with proper visual development.  In addition, amblyopia is inherited in many cases.  Whatever the underlying cause amblyopia is the result of long standing suppression of one eye.

In normal vision, both eyes look at an object at the same time and each sends a picture to the brain.  These two images are blended into one three-dimensional image.  When one eye is weaker than the other, both eyes do not focus on one object at the same time.  As a result, two different images are sent to the brain.  The image sent by the stronger eye is clear, while the message sent by the weaker eye is blurry.

Since the brain is unable to blend the two images into one picture, a child quickly and unconsciously learns to ignore the image seen by the weaker eye.  The normal eye takes over, while the weaker eye becomes lazy from lack of use.  If the condition is left uncorrected, the weak eye will eventually develop amblyopia, or a loss of vision.

To correct amblyopia, the weak eye must be forced to work by patching the good eye or using drops to blur vision in the good eye.  By impairing vision in the good eye, the weak eye is forced to work until vision in both eyes becomes equal.

Amblyopia must be treated as soon as possible if vision is to be restored.  The results of treatment depend on the duration and severity of amblyopia and the age treatment is begun.  

Early eye examinations are extremely important in the detection of amblyopia.  Prompt treatment is required to restore good vision.  If left undetected and untreated beyond early childhood, amblyopia has less chance of being corrected.  

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Nature's Mist All Natural Skin Moisture

This product comes from a company founded by two decades of research into the global water, dry air, and health crisis.  They were deeply concerned about the lack of products that provided supplemental and beneficial water directly to dry skin and eyes.  Their investigation into the moisture requirements and absorption processes of human skin, eyes and mouth, and breakthrough findings in hydrotherapy and mist-dosing technology, resulted in one of the only personal, portable hand-held water supplementation devices for skin, eyes, and first aid.  

To thrive skin requires daily attention, nourishment, a clean environment, and water....natural, pure and pH-correct.  The planet has been undergoing a crisis in clean, pure water, and fresh humid air.  The result is an increase in dry skin related illnesses such as dermatitis and skin cancer.  Lotions, cremes, and oils can slow water evaporation from the skin but will not solve the problem.   Most natural water is alkaline (pH above 7.0)  and when applied to the skin's surface will not beneficially absorb and can be drying due to calcium and sodium in the water.  This product is 6.49 pH so its a little bit acidic similar to skin which is 5.5 to 6.5.  This allows for deeper absorption and hydration.  You can use all your regular skin products with Nature's mist.  

Skin obtains water from two sources, the external surface and the blood capillaries in the skin's bottom layers.  For external absorption to occur water droplets in the air must be clean, pH-correct (5.5 to 6.5) and free of dehydrating substances such as chlorine, pollutants and alkalinity.  

The benefits of misting:  According to the research, for maximum deep and beneficial absorption, water applied to the skin surface must be pure and pollution free, have a slightly acidic pH (5.5 to 6.5) and be applied as a fine mist like the humidity in the air.  The mist droplets attach to the skin's fine hair shafts, penetrate the acid mantle and enter the deep layers of the skin via hair follicles.  

Understanding pH.  It is the mathematical symbol for acidity/alkalinity.  A pH of 7.00 is neutral, a pH greater than 7 is alkaline and a pH below 7 is acidic.  Your skin's natural pH between 5.5 and 6.5 is slightly acidic.  

Nature's Mist relaxes the appearance of skin aging and restores suppleness, natural color and thickness.  For dryness related problems such as acne, chapping, or dermatitis, Nature's mist benefits both skin health and it is believed the effectiveness of topical medications.

Nature's mist enhances all other skin care products and rejuvenates the color of faded makeup all day long. Customers report that Nature's mist not only increases the skins resistance to sunburn, windburn,  chapping, poison oak, and poison ivy, but the mist helps speed healing.  

Skin diseases (allergies, dermatitis, acne, dry skin, oily skin) may also benefit from Nature's mist.   Many Nature's mist customers report that misting improves their skins health and appearance and that the severity of certain skin allergies and diseases are decreased.  This includes poison ivy and poison oak.  

Emergency first aid.  During an emergency or first aid situation Natures mist is indispensable to protect skin resistance and vision and maintain alertness and mobility. Hazards include smoke, dust, pollution, chemicals, exhaust fumes, particles in the eye, pepper spray, etc.  

All Bio Logic Aqua products may be used an an emergency eyewash and as a wash for burns, lesions and irritating chemicals. Natures mist can help keep both skin and makeup fresh and radiant.  Natures mist has been reported to lessen the severity of sunburn and skin damage.

 Dark skin is usually more oily than light skin and skin oil tends to drive out skin water, often resulting in the dry skin condition known as "ash"  Natures mist helps restores the skins natural oil to water balance.

Post surgical use by one patient of natures mist on an incision after open heart surgery.  This was the only thing put on after the bandages were removed.  He reported that healing was rapid and with no infection and a very small scar.  

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The problem may be your EYELIDS not your EYES

The product featured here today is Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray.  This is a cool, refreshing spray that is misted directly to the eyelids with the eyes closed, providing comfort to dry irritated eyelids. This spray lubricates and protects the eyes against moisture loss.

Liposomes are microscopic molecules that have been used for years in cosmetic and drug delivery.  According to published reports, liposomes sprayed on a clean closed eyelid migrate from eyelashes and the edges of the eyelid onto the tear film.  Studies have found that this is an effective and comfortable method for increasing tear film stability.

Tears Again Liposome Spray is fortified with nutrients and antioxidants, including vitamins A C, and E, which can help give relief to "computer vision syndrome"  Using this spray mist on the eyelids and around the eye can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tears again spray has been launched as a unique eyelid spray for meibomian gland dysfunction sufferers.  Meibomian gland dysfunction is a common ocular problem that is a primary cause of dry eyes. 

$22.00 @

Buy now while supplies are here after a three month backorder.

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El estrabismo es un defecto de la vision que afecta la capacidad del ojo para coordinar movimientos al concentrarse en objetos.  Como brindan dos vistas asimetricas, un par de ojos mal alineados ocasionan una percepción deficiente de la profundidad y si relacionan con trastornos como los ojos cruzados, la bizquera, el estatismo divergente y la heterotropa.  Sin un tratamiento adecuado del estatismo, estas patologías pueden empeorar y ciertos aspectos de la vision podrían verse afectados permanentemente. 

Sintomas del estrabismo

Los diferentes tipos de estrabismo generan diversos sintomas.  Según el modo en el que el o los ojos mal alineados este orientados, las personas que sufren de este trastorno pueden tener inconvenientes para concentraras, en objetos o evaluar distancias, o pueden tener vision doble ir borrosa.  Detectar los síntomas es el primer paso para determinar si resulta aconsejable someterse a un tratamiento del estatismo como, por ejemplo, la cirugía.  Tal vez el síntoma mas evidente sean los ojos cruzados, o que en solo ojo se incline notoriamente hacia la izquierda, derecha, arriba o abajo y no puede coordinar los movimientos con el otro.  La bizquera en niños también puede ser un signo de esta patología.

Tratamiento del estrabismo

Las opciones de tratamiento del estrabismo varian desde una simple corrección de la vision del niño con anteojos y una relativamente sencilla terapia de la vision hasta una compleja cirugía para el estrabismo.  Generalmente, el estrabismo intermitente, por ejemplo, puede controlarse muy bien con parches oculares, anteojos especiales y terapia de la vision.  Con el tiempo, dicho tratamiento básico suele permitir que el cerebro retome el control de los movimientos oculares y, en consecuencia, no se requiere de cirugía.  En el caso del estrabismo constante en niños, es posible que se recomiende la opción quirúrgica; sin embargo, como no se puede garantizar que realmente mejorara la vision, se la suele considerar un ultimo recurso.  

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