dry eyes

Living in Las Vegas almost everyone has some dryness concerns...symptoms can include blurry vision...irritated/scratchy...redness...fatigue...sandy feeling...light sensitivity.....moisture drops can relieve symptoms...Nature's mist lubricating eye spray is an option to using drops..it is not a chemical eye drop.  The eye mist contains 100 percent Bio-logic Aqua tissue culture grade water.  All natural ph balanced and biocompatible with the natural tear film.  It may be applied as often as desired for relief..Nature's mist may be used with all other eyecare products..will not run cosmetics...can be used with contact lenses...Preservative and chemical free- sterile...nonallergenic.  You may go online to purchase with us..or if you are in the las vegas area you can purchase at our kiosk in the Galleria Mall located on the 2nd floor outside the JCPenney entrance.

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