Tranquilness Basic TE Kit (instant pack)

$ 45.00

Tranquileyes moist-heat therapy relieves uncomfortable eyes. The soft flexible goggles combined with water and gel packs (reusable) will hydrate and naturally slow tear evaporation. It consists of a soft, flexible, goggle lined with viscoelastic foam eye cushions that conform to your face, and has moisture pads to seal in moisture, protecting and rehydrating vulnerable dry eyes. You may use the included gel or bead packs hot or cold. The cool pack would be excellent for itchy, swollen allergy eyes or even sinus allergy symptom relief. Set your clock for 15 minutes and make yourself comfortable in your recliner or most comfortable chair and enjoy the warm moist heat/or cool soothing relief at your own home "eye spa".

Includes:   One Tranquileyes goggle

                  One set of Thermoeyes Instant, Reusable Heat Packs

                  Net Wash/dry bag

                  FREE sample of Ocusoft Lid Scrub


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