Tranquileyes Stye Care Kit

$ 30.00

 If you have ever had a stye you know the irritation/discomfort that comes with it not to mention how it looks.  The becomes painful, red, puffy swollen area, sometimes looking similar to a "pimple".  Part of the relief from styes can include moist heat.  While hot compresses can help it is difficult to sit, keep moistening and warming a compress throughout the day.  With this stye care kit you have a secure eye cover with a strap to keep it in place while you work, watch TV, relax, or whatever you need to do while the moist warm compress is doing its work "HANDS FREE".  

The kit comes with a blue gel pack that you will snap for instant heat, while placing the white foam pad in hot water.  Place the pad and gel pack inside the eye cover, secure headband to your comfort level and you will receive consistent warm, moist heat to the affected eye for 15 to 20 minutes.  Later boil the blue pack for 5 minutes which will return in to neutral state to be stored until you need it.

Hands-free method for naturally relieving Stye symptoms.

Includes one foam lined eye cushion, one moisture pad for soaking in hot water one set of thermoses instant reusable heat packs, net wash/dry bag and FREE sample of Ocusoft Lid Scrub

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